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Housing and Offices in SETE, CFA, housing development, sun shades, france, shade screen, sustainable development

The housing and offices in Sète are located on a thin strip of land between the Étang de Thau and the Mediterranean Sea on the northern side of the old town. This project is one of the first to be completed in ambitious urban project that aims to convert huge swathes of abandoned docklands into a business and residential district.

Colboc Franzen & Associates designed the three building development to fit in with its existing neighbors and provide a good starting point for the rest of the projects to come. An underground parking garage is topped with landscaping and grass, while the bottom base of the towers provide space for retail and businesses.

The towers themselves are wrapped in a digitally prefabricated metal shade screen that provides privacy, protection from the weather and from the sun. In the summer the screen shades the porch to keep the apartments cool, while in the winter, the sunlight pushes through the gaps to provide light and warmth. Each of the 71 apartments enjoys 2 aspects for views, sunlight and cross ventilation. The buildings’ volumes were digitally optimized for passive solar and to allow light into the central garden. A green roof sits on top of the office tower and the project was Certified ‘Habitat et Environnement’.

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