Dri-Design started out as a small business. The founders of Dri-Design used their experience and their hands-on knowledge to see exactly what was wrong with certain building materials and how to make them a lot better. They saw how the metal panel systems that were used for decades could become sustainable aspects of a building.

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A rectangle copper metal building with steps next to it

Nearly 20 years ago, Dri-Design began in a small metal shop. Metal was folded to make it stronger and to mitigate some of those flaws in the design. Dri-Design metal wall panels are 100% recyclable. They are not laminated, don’t need sealants and don’t require gaskets, attaching without use of clips or extrusions.

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Two photos left to right: A tall skyscraper and an up-close photo of the windows

As a result, the innovative techniques created by Dri-Design were used for the new Aloft and Element Hotels in Austin, Texas. It is an incredible project that will produce dazzling results. When complete, the project will include the 278-room Aloft and the 144-suite Element. These projects are in Downtown Austin, within walking distance of amazing venues and places to shop, not to mention the campus of the University of Texas.

A large gray building that sits in a grass field

Similar with their other projects, Dri-Design uses local aluminum mills to save on transportation costs. Because no gaskets or joint sealants are used, no petroleum was used. This reduces fossil fuels and maintenance costs. All the metal used to make these panels is recycled and recyclable. These panels are made quickly with automated equipment, which saves on energy costs.

A large brown business building with multiple windows and floors sits at an intersection

Meanwhile, there is no plastic in these panels. Dri-Design painted aluminum panels can be made in any color. And in the planned design for Aloft and Element, these panels are absolutely stunning. These buildings are LEED-certified and absolutely amazing, each with its own amenities.

A black building that is partly made out of glass and Dri-Design metal panels

Reducing labor costs, focusing on recyclable materials, using fewer fossil fuels and creating innovative, gorgeous design is what sustainable construction is all about. Dri-Design is a leader in the sustainable construction industry.

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