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The portable classroom is designed to meet the 20 imperatives of the Living Building Challenge, an international sustainable building certification program known to be more rigorous than LEED and BREEAM, and requires a 12-month occupancy period before a building can be certified. The 900 square-foot prototype classroom meets all the requirements for becoming completely self-sustaining. It features a rainwater collection system which provides water to the labs and toilets as well as agriculture. The SEEDClassroom also filters and reuses greywater, and even has a composting toilet.

The project was inspired by the SEED Collaborative’s previous work on the Bertschi School which was recently certified as the 4th Living Building in the world. The success of the 3,380-square-foot interactive school in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood inspired the team to try and bring the same to more students. The portable classroom will not only provide a green environment for the kids, but will also teach them about sustainability. The Collaborative has teamed up with the International Living Future Institute to create an integrated K-12 curriculum called the SEEDpacket which will combine science, technology, engineering, mathematics, social studies and art education.

The classrooms come in various configurations and can be ordered and shipped inside the U.S. and western Canada.

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