Next month Method Homes will launch its brand new Paradigm series with the debut of a 722 square-foot modular home on the floor of the USGBC Greenbuild Conference and Expo in San Francisco. The prefab home, designed by New York City-based Bogue Trondowski Architects, is targeting LEED Platinum, it’s designed to have 6 of the 7 petals of the Living Building Challenge, and it features net-zero energy and water consumption.

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The Method Paradigm Home features a rooftop solar array, rainwater harvesting, a greywater system, a composting toilet, a ductless mini split HVAC unit, and a super insulated envelope. The materials and fixtures that were chosen to finish the building are also very sustainable and show a conscious effort to produce a holistically designed product. The interior design includes renewable bamboo flooring and cabinets, sustainable wooden cladding and decking, LED lighting and home automation systems.

Method Homes is located in Washington state and they will be opening their doors to display the Paradigm home before it is shipped to San Francisco for the event. They are located at at 6819 Northgate Way, Ferndale, WA, 98248 and will be open November 3, 2012 from 1 pm – 5 pm. After that, the prototype will be shipped to the Moscone Center where it will be displayed in front of the building.

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