Trying to get to the airport and don’t have a car? It might be a lot more trouble then you’d think. While there are a few options for getting to LAX, from taxis to buses to the Flyaway shuttle, you’re almost definitely guaranteed traffic, a hassle, and a headache by the end of your journey. In an attempt to alleviate the troubles of getting to the airport, the Metro is currently investigating its options for extending public transportation to LAX, including extending the current Green Line to run to Los Angeles International Airport.

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In order to get a better feel for the public opinion on the matter, Metro has released a new video about the sad reality that it is difficult to get to LAX via public transit. Though the video makes it out as though traffic is the number one cause of this difficult, it offers a solution in light rail, as passengers aboard the Green Line would be impervious to the traffic woes of the airport terminals. The Green Line is not the only option the Metro is investigating, with rapid bus transit and an automated people mover also proposed. All things considered, it is clear that Metro’s priorities lie with improving service transit to the airport, as they have held three public workshops on the matter.

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Via: LAist