You might have seen our previous posts on Geotectura– from turning air into water and electromagnetic skyscrapers, Joseph Cory has a list of very intriguing projects, and I-RISE is no exception. Selected as a runner up for the Metropolis Magazine Next Generation Competition, I-RISE is a multi-story prefab residential unit designed to have the smallest possible footprint, both on the site and in an ecological sense. Its intention is to create a modular structure that is simple to build, yet flexible enough to accommodate the changing needs of its occupants.

Designed by Joseph Cory and Eyal Malka, I-RISE contains the infrastructure required for generating renewable energy as well as the collection and treatment of rainwater and solid waste. This is another intriguing proposal from Geotectura, and more information and images can be seen on their website. And for more information on this and the other projects featured in the Next Generation contest check out the May issue of Metropolis Magazine.

+ I-RISE @ Geotectura
+ Metropolis Magazine Next Generation