Dog poop in public parks can really be the pits – however a new campaign by DDB in Mexico includes a genius incentive to get dog owners to clean up their pup’s leavings. For every “deposit” made in a specially sanctioned receptacle, the surrounding area will get free Wi-Fi, paving the road to the information superhighway with poop.

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Conceived by the Mexican internet company Terra, the campaign will help bring new Wi-Fi services tolocal parks and public meeting places. Many parks and areas in the United States now feature Wi-Fi, but the service has yet to become widespread in many areas around Mexico.

To encourage down owners to pick up the business, the Wi-Fi will be administered in timed increments based upon the amount of poop collected. The more poop, the longer free Wi-Fi time will be provided. The whole campaign is executed in a tongue-in-cheek witty fashion, but the incentive is both real, and enticing for park goers wishing to get online while relaxing in the sun. What’s more, the program helps clean up the parks that these very park goers will log online from.

To make the incentive even greater, Terra could convert the poop receptacles into methane digesters, and transform the piles of poop into usable energy for the park.

The incentive may be a publicity stunt by Terra, but it is an ingenious idea to get people to help clean up their parks that is ready to be taken to the next level.

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