LED lights are coming to Mexico in a big way — Quintana Roo’s Estate Governor Félix González Canto recently announced during the UN climate change conference in Cancun that the municipality of Othón Blanco will replace 25,507 streetlights with energy-efficient LED versions. The announcement, which was made in conjunction with GE (all light bulbs will be GE Evolve LED cobrahead street lights), marks the largestLED street lighting project in Latin America.

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Othón Blanco’s initiative is part of the Mexican government’s Special 2010-2012 Climate Change Program, which stands to cut the municipality’s energy usage by 29,218,980 million watts per year — that’s the equivalent of taking 40,000 cars in Othón Blanco off the roads for 10 years. The LED lights will also generate energy savings of 51% for the municipality.

No word on how much the lights are costing the municipality, but we’re guessing all those energy cuts will save Othón Blanco some serious cash in the long run.

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