One only has to walk a few blocks of Mexico City’s Roma district to notice street after street lined with curiously shaped planters. Rather than buying new pots to grow urban greenery, many residents of this neighborhood, and others like it, have salvaged unusual containers and converted them into hip and practical planter systems. Jump ahead to see some of our favorite creative planter ideas from this bustling city — we’re sure they’ll inspire a few recycled flowerpot ideas of your own!

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The Bathtub

If you’ve got a rooftop, an old bathtubwill make great bed for large plants. They can hold plenty of earth and provide a perfect place to grow root vegetables, in addition to herbs and flowers.

The Paint Bucket

These are among the most common of the alternative pots found on the streets of Mexico City. You can set them outside your doorstep, or use them to spruce up bare spaces. Their handles conveniently allow for easy relocation.

The Coconut

What do you do with a coconut once you’ve devoured its milky innards? Don’t trash it – but instead convert it into an organic pot! They are the perfect size for compact plants like a cacti and bonsai trees.

The Old Shoe

Give shoesthat have been outgrown or worn out a new life by using them as a quirky plant pot. Unexpected and certainly eye-catching, this is one way to keep more materials out of the garbage.