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The lacey façade was inspired by quasicrystal patterns, resulting in a white geometric shade that covers the front of the building. Spanning almost 27,00 square feet, the cleansing screen stretches across the Avenida San Fernando at the one end of the hospital. Mexico City is a densely populated, heavily trafficked city, with many older cars on the road that produce high carbon emissions, making it an ideal place to install a cleansing façade.

The ornate double skin was designed by Prosolve, and it was chosen for its anti-microbial and de-polluting properties that also create a beautiful design statement. Prosolve tiles are coated with superfine titanium dioxide, which fights pollution when activated by ambient daylight. When installed near heavy traffic or on building facades, the tiles help to neutralize emissions and other toxins, stopping them dead in their tracks. A network of the tiles not only helps to clean the air entering their host buildings, but also the air in the urban setting.

Aside from acting as an incredible urban air filter, the prosolve370e skin acts as a natural light filtration system and solar gain blocker for the interior of the Hospital Manuel Gea Gonzalez, effectively saving the hospital’s energy bill for climate control and light.

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