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The Casa del Arbol tree house is comprised of three hives made in concentric circles, which take on a clover shape. Each space gives one of the daughters a private play space. Rojkind Arquitectos worked in Rhino and AutoCAD to compose files that could be printed and cut out in MDF boards. These boards were then laid over wood planks made from the Salam tree of Mexico, a durable wood native to the region that makes up the little home’s ribs. A method of bisecting timber and stainless steel plate attachment helps to prevent rotting as well.

The 14-foot wide Casa del Arbol is a wonderful (and non-invasive) addition to the client’s garden that floats among the trees as if it were made by nature. Digital fabrication may have helped efficiently design this new playground, but the Rojkind Arquitectos think thank helped to envision how a contemporary tree house can have the lowest possible environmental impact.

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Via Architect’s Newspaper