A Miami developer is offering an unusual perk for prospective tenants: if potential buyers play their cards right, they may receive a customized Telsa Model S free with their new penthouse. Property Markets Group hasn’t been loudly advertising the deal however – they’re holding the option in reserve to sweeten the deal for customers who make generous bids on the new condos.

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While a new electric vehicle valued at at $69,000 may seem like a great deal, it’s really a drop in the bucket compared to the going rate of these luxury condos. The prices for PMG’s penthouses start at $3 million and can go as high as $15 million. PMG has reserved about 25 cars for its 32 penthouses in three different high-rises.

In addition to all the luxury amenities buyers might normally expect (including free dog-walking services), each building comes with its own dedicated Tesla charging station. While the prospect of a free Model S with the purchase of a condo speaks well for wider adoption of electric vehicles in coming years, it also makes clear that these cars are still well out of the affordable price range of many middle class Americans.

Via Forbes

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