Dutch designer Michael Cornelissen has created a beautiful new use for classic hexagonal pencils by arranging them into brilliantly-hued bowls. The pencils are held by a central connector created from laser-sintered polyamide using new 3D print production methods. This leaves you the fun activity of choosing a set of pencils to finish forming the bowl — and if you ever need a writing tool you can simply pluck one from the bowl’s bouquet!

Michael Cornelissen, 36 pencil bowl, sustainable design, green design, recycled materials, green interiors, green bowls

Cornelissen has been creating and selling 3D print design through Shapeways, a Dutch initiative that promotes new production models that take advantage of the internet and 3D printing. Shapeways invites designers to upload designs, share them with other users, and even sell them online. This is not the first time Cornelissen has worked through Shapeways — he currently sells several products on its online store.

This kind of combinatory manufacturing lowers the barriers of production and distribution for designers, which brings down costs and lessens the designs’ impact upon the environment. The fun part is completing the object with your choice of pencils or colors, making each piece unique.

+ Michiel Cornelissen

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