Michael Jackson will live on forever in our hearts through his music, but he also deserves a thriller of a memorial fit for a true king! In the wake of his untimely death, our friends at Bustler held a competition to design the Baddest memorial ever. Live Forever: The Michael Jackson Monument Design Competition yielded some impressive designs. Some were gaudy and a little ostentatious, and others even bordered on the line of inappropriate, but our absolute favorite was a blinged-out, gold-plated, and renewable energy-fueled disco dancefloor in a undisclosed remote desert location. What better way to immortalize the King of Pop?!

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Winner of 2nd Place, a.k.a. the “Badder Award,” went to Foreverland, a gold-plated wind turbine set off in the sand flats of a remote desert. The wind turbine would power a 24/7 interactively-lit dance floor and speaker system that would play Michael Jackson’s music constantly.

We love the use of renewable energy in this design, and the way that it powers a never ending dance party and we think Michael would have liked the remote location due to his own reclusive nature. Burning Man fans can also appreciate the remote, renewable energy fueled, all day and all night dance party. Maybe they could even serve as tour guides.

While the other entries were certainly touching and fitting, we have to hand it to California-based PYT and Associates for their ingenious use of renewable energy + bling. We totally agree with juror Christopher Hawthorne, who said “… this one has necessary bling; and in combining that shine with remoteness, gets right at heart of something essential about MJ… Suggests gold-plated solitude when empty, but also could be place for communal activity. Bonus points for stripping out the messiness of other entries.” Live forever Michael.

+ Live Forever: The Michael Jackson Monument Design Competition

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