The newest building concept to spring from the mind of eco-designer and artist Michael Jantzen is a testament to the power of renewable energy. His monumental Wind Farm Celebration Center is designed to serve as a visitor center and is very appropriately powered by an awe-inspiring 1.5 MW wind turbine that sprouts up from the structure like a blooming flower.

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The majestic wind-powered building acts as the base of the turbine and consists of eleven concentric hexagonal layers that grow out from underneath it. Two of the layers form the entrance of the building in the landscape and the other layers a roof. Inside the visitor’s center, there is a large open area perfect for installations, exhibits and traveling displays. A viewing platform for the wind turbine will allow visitors to enjoy a better vantage point from which to appreciate the turbine and its power.

Natural ventilation and daylighting play a key role in lowering energy demand so more power can be put back in the grid than is used by the building. One interesting feature of the center is a real-time lighting display that indicates how much energy the wind turbine is producing at a given time. Inside the large open room, LED lights are installed on each layer of the roof, and as the wind turbine generates more power, more lights come on.

+ Michael Jantzen

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