More ironic than practical, Swiss designer Michel Bussien’s Growing Chair evokes pertinent ideas for the 21st century: nature trapped within the confines of man, manicured at his whim, or a specimen preserved behind glass – like fossils in a museum. On the other hand, when I look at the Growing Chair, I see the proliferation of life despite artificial boundaries. But, perhaps it’s something much simpler than that – a lush little greenhouse with a seat to enjoy it?

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The chair resides on a rolling planter with willow trees growing from each leg. Russian vine wraps around the willow branches for a full greenery effect. As Bussien elaborates in his Nature Manifesto, the chair represents a reconvergence of man and nature. Bussien calls for a movement forward, in which we use the complexity of nature in our creations, allowing us to reconnect with that from which we evolved. A thought provoking idea indeed, though we’re not sure the Growing Chair will be taking root anytime soon at your nearest DWR.

+ Michel Bussien

Via Treehugger