We always love seeing hot designers come out with their next hit– and Michelle Kaufmann’s new mkHearth is the latest in must-have prefab design. The home pushes the principles of green building, as her previous green homes have always done, and combines it with some countryside nostalgia to produce a prefab farmhouse. Her new prefab is both contemporary and inviting, with a slightly more traditional aesthetic which will likely prove popular with the masses. Kaufmann is responsible for many advances in green building, as well as an updated . Although this house is larger than most of her other designs at 2,820 sq ft, it smartly fits many rooms into that area, and even provides some flexible space with a cozy and sunny loft.

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With a simple, straightforward facade, high-pitched roof, and sliding barn doors, this 3-bedroom, modern farmhouse took inspiration from traditional rural architecture. The name, mkHearth, refers to the center of the home, the hearth, from which all activity revolves. The living room and fireplace reside at the center of the bottom floor, surrounded by stairs, kitchen, office and entry. Homey details are found in the additional spaces such as window seats, reading nooks, built-in storage and screened-in porches. A flexible, loft space located on the top floor can be used as an office, playroom, workshop, studio, media room, or even an extra bedroom.  We all wish we had such a snug loft to write our posts from!

As always, this Kaufmann prefab is designed to be sustainable, energy efficient, and low-maintenance. For minimal environmental impact and to create a healthy living space, the mkHearth includes high-performance insulation and mechanical systems, passive solar design (with proper orientation), dual pane low-E glazings, low-VOC paints and finishes, eco-friendly furnishings, solar pv options, water-conserving fixtures, and rainwater collection.

Kaufmann also hopes that someday these homes will be developed into a sustainable neighborhood. Check out the for a walk through of the homes.