First Lady Michelle Obama has launched her first book ‘American Grown’ as part of her awesome mission to get children across the US off the couch and into gardens to learn about healthy food! With a smiling face adorning the cover, and a title like ‘American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America‘, the colorful book looks like a pretty uplifting read. In it, First Lady Obama combines her own personal experience of  growing an “edible garden” with those stories of people all around the country, and she heartfully encourages readers to try and grow their own healthy produce.

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The book, according to the blurb, is a celebration of “the joys and health benefits of garden-fresh food—and the spirit of community that thrives year-round in gardens coast-to-coast”. In it Obama discusses how the gardening movement is “taking root” by examining community, school, and urban gardens all over the country.

Since becoming First Lady, Obama has become a regular advocate for healthy eating and exercise — in particular exploring the epidemic of childhood obesity. After launching ‘Lets Move!’ two years ago, the First Lady continues to promote the need to improve child health. She says she wants to help children understand that fresh fruit and veggies taste better than packaged produce, and she wants to teach them how to cook to get the most nutrients possible at mealtime.

For more information about the book take a look at the Random House publisher’s website. All the proceeds from the book will go to the National Park Foundation.

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