Michigan just passed a bill in state legislature that essentially bans Tesla from selling cars within the state. HB 5606 prohibits vehicle manufacturers from selling cars directly to consumers. The language creating the ban was added to the bill at the last minute by a legislator – who has received campaign contributions from the Michigan Automobile Dealers Association – without any chance for public comment. It isn’t the first time, and it likely won’t be the last that a state has put Tesla in the crosshairs.

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The bill still needs to be signed into law by Michigan’s Governor Snyder, and if it is, it will add Michigan to the growing list of states who are banning direct sales. Right now Arizona, Texas and Virginia ban direct sales while Colorado limits the manufacturer to one location and New Jersey is currently deciding Tesla’s fate in the state.

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The bill was originally intended to protect consumers from price gouging by car manufacturers until State Senator Joe Hune added the Tesla-restricting language at the last minute. Tesla is already fighting the legislation and the car manufacturer is urging Tesla supporters to contact Governor Snyder’s office to make their opinions heard.

Via Green Car Reports

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