Sometimes we get so caught up in exciting new sustainable homes designed in Japan and Scandanavia, that we forget to honor the original masters of organic architecture. Take Mickey Muennig, who designed this gorgeous glass domed “Greenhouse” in California in 1976. This tiny home features a round floor plan favored by our ancestors, a simple, rustic material palette, and a view of Partington Ridge and the Pacific ocean that we would die for.

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Mickey Muennig says on his website that “Architecture is more than a shelter; it bonds a continuous and worldwide mystery to its inhabitants,” which certainly holds true for the Greenhouse in Big Sur.

Using stone, timber and other natural materials, the master of organic design created a fantasy home that creates an instant communication between the occupant and the breathtaking landscape. A loft bed is suspended at the top of the small space, which is warmed with a glass roof, while a vent promotes natural ventilation. Can we get some more of this please?

+ Mickey Muennig

Via Tiny House Swoon