Micro Dwellings is a moveable, modular system which can be configured in an infinite number of ways due to its geometry. They can be built onto existing construction, submerged, or mounted on wheels to create the basis for personalized social settings. The system allows for changes that might occur in lifestyle, such as having children, separation, or family stays. The system is capable of growing, shrinking, and dividing, mimicking a natural cellular organism.

N55 is an arts collective that aims to inspire public initiatives and events. Based in Copenhagen, the group’s ventures are developed as a series of “Manuals,” focusing on everyday aspects of living as a platform for dialog. The Micro Dwellings system is one such project, exploring the malleability of our lifestyles versus the inflexibility of traditional housing.

While the Micro Dwellings system represents a simplified and fragmented version of the domicile, it does provide for ultimate flexibility. Additionally, an underlying structure for social community is created, which is a prime objective for N55. Many of the N55 projects revolve around community involvement and a creative use of surroundings. Some of our particular favorites:

CITY FARMING PLANT MODULES, which allow city dwellers to grow plants and gardens in any available space- including pavement

BARMOBILE, a portable bar station which makes a local meeting and gathering venue available anywhere

SUSPENDED PLATFORM, a lightweight system that provides shelter using existing structures such as trees or buildings for support

Last month, Ingvil Aarbakke passed away. She and her husband Ion Sorvin were the creative force behind N55. While N55 will continue through additional collaborations, it is a heartbreaking turn for these artists which continually explored an alternative to the typical way of life. A manual for burial will be published soon.

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