The sculptural form of this LAtreehouse is a perfect fit for its occupants as the design was inspired by the owner’s art collection. Given as a surprise gift from a husband to his wife, the space is a mere 170 square feet. Rockefeller Partner Architects designed the project to avoid disrupting the flow of the backyard by placing the tree house twelve feet up, gingerly straddling a lone mature tree.

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While technically not on a tree, the space does embody what treehouses are all about: getting away.  Modest in size the accommodations for the studio and retreat are highly refined and contain a wealth of detail. Inside the Banyan Drive Treehouse is a small desk at the corner window and a simple elongated room. Amazingly, the architects were even able to fit a toilet in at the corner.

Ampledaylight from high windows tucked under the steel clad butterfly roof makes for a visually light space, and steel posts penetrate through the structure skyward adding to the effect. Plenty of multiple height awning windows also allow fresh air to stream through.


The overall design sensibilities make this micro space a very usefull retreat.

+ Rockefeller Partner Architects


Photos by Eric Staudenmaier