Inspired by the intimate scale of a Japanese tea house and the compact efficiency of a smart car, a team comprised of researchers from London and Munich developed the Micro-Compact Home (m-ch) as a short-term living solution for students, business people, and weekend vacationers. Sleek, minimal, and modern, the m-ch design gained immediate attention, and it’s now in use throughout Europe. Living in an m-ch means focusing on the essential concept that less is more, and all the amenities of home are micro-sized.

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The tiny cube provides a double bed on an upper level and working table and dining space for four to five people on the lower level. The entrance area has a triple use: it functions as a bathroom and drying space for clothing, in addition to a lobby.  Not only are these micro-dwellings mobile, they can be grouped together to create family units,a student “village”on campus, or even an apartment complex. As individual units, they’re ideal solutions for adding a bit of extra space to an existing house, whether to give a teenager a private living area of their own, or to create a quiet office space that’s separate from the rowdiness of the rest of the home. They can also be plunked down on a tiny piece of land overlooking a lake or ocean as an ideal weekend getaway cabin.

Costing just 38,000 Euros, this little prefab integrates state-of-the-art technology into its compact design, boasting a sound system, flat screen TV, and temperature controls. It requires no furniture and all storage space is cleverly concealed within the structure of the dwelling.

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