This week, UK specialist car maker Microcab is launching its brand-new Microcab H2EV hydrogen fuel cell car. The first recipient of the green mini cars will be West Midlands’ CABLED (Coventry and Birmingham Low Emission Demonstrator), which will test how the H2EV performs using the current infrastructure for hydrogen fueling in the UK. This may prove to be a real challenge for the little car, or a real opportunity to prove itself, as the one and only public hydrogen fueling station in the UK just opened in Swindon.

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The 3kW fuel cell in the H2EV allows it to travel 100 miles before needing to refuel, so for the moment the car will need to be used within 50 miles of Swindon or utilize a private hydrogen fueling station network in order to operate in the UK. The good news is that unlike an electric car, a hydrogen vehicle can refuel in minutes, so if the testers are able to find fueling stations they will be on their way much faster than if they were using electric cabs. We’re rooting for the little cars, which will have to prove they can manage on the current minimal infrastructure in order to be put into mass production. If they can do their job well, they will make great city cabs, as they can fuel up just like gas-engined vehicles and be back on the road for the next fare around the clock–all with zero emissions.

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