Are you an aspiring designer with a love of honey? Then have a go at creating a hive fit for urban bee-keeping in the brilliant Midtown Buzz competition from The Architecture Foundation (AF) and Inmidtown. The competition is looking for innovative and functional variations on the traditional beehive that are better suited to producing honey in the city of London (like this awesome flat pack bee crib) that will not only look great but “will deal with the challenges posed by wind and weather.”

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The winning beehive proposals will become part of “Midtown Buzz”, which provides free hives and bee-keeping training to people who want to produce their own honey. The competition was conceived when early assessments of the program showed that existing hives weren’t well adapted to the city.

Bird/bat boxes and planters are also on the agenda for the Inmidtown competition. The deadline for all entries is November 28th, and winning proposals will be produced and distributed en mass in various sites to help complement the scheme. The long-awaited honey harvest season is currently underway, and the competition will provide sites for even more honey collection next year.

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Images courtesy of Inmidtown