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EcoWalls and Miele worked together to design the verdant booth, which was centered around a giant tabletop-style herb garden. Miele also took the opportunity to show how their appliances can be made to blend almost undetectably into the background thanks to their ability to be trimmed out with almost any kind of surface. In this case, they took on a rustic, wooden appearance that matched the greenery quite nicely.

Much like their appliances, Miele chooses to integrate the sustainability of their products right into their philosophy so that it melds into the other aspects of their business. The 114-year-old company has made it their mission to design and produce efficient and durable products that have as little impact on the environment as possible. Some of their achievements in this area include making the world’s first dishwasher with a water consumption of just eight litres per cycle and designing a heat pump tumble dryer that consumes almost 50 percent less power than conventional tumble dryers.

Don’t forget to check out our full gallery to take a tour around the Miele booth, and for more information about Miele or EcoWalls products, please click the links below.

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