Paris-based Mikou Studio recently won a local competition to build a city pool for Issy Les Moulineaux in France. But this winning design is no ordinary public pool complex. While the green roof and solarium are just two of many impressive aspects to the French studio’s vision, the fact that it was designed using the fundamentals of Feng Shui is definitely its most fascinating feature.

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Upon completion, the expansive 4,000 m² public swimming pool complex will be part of a larger project that will include a health club, solarium, squash courts, sauna and a hammam. Designed with the principles of Feng Shui in mind, the complex is meant to appeal to locals looking for not only a place to swim, but a relaxing and spiritually healthy atmosphere.

Throughout the multi-story complex, the various architectural features of the complex carry a sense of fluidity and openness that are meant to encourage a sense of well-being. Inspired by the soothing movement of water, the pathways within the complex are comprised of a series of continual ramps that lead to the indoors, encouraging a continuous cycle of movement without barriers. The undulating golden wooden slats that line the exterior represent the circular movement of water, referencing the circulation of Feng Shui energy and flows.

The green roof is a primary element of the complex, providing a spacious solarium underneath, which provides a relaxing oasis for locals looking to enjoy the natural sunlight while avoiding high summer temperatures. According to the architects, the project was “conceived as a praxis of lucidity, transparency and architectonic fluidity, where natural light defines the spatial experience.”

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