At Salone Internazional del Mobile’s Euroluce in Milan, designers fearsomely competed for attention by decking out their booths with high-tech light displays. But the one that caught our eye and held our attention was a series of innovative light structures from the always creative Ingo Maurer. And this year, Mr. Maurer’s fixtures were particularly green, integrating an array of everyday and reused objects including toothpaste tubes. Leave it to him to make Colgate beautiful.


ingo mauer's LED wallpaper

The German designer and his studio exhibited his one-offs, constructed with domestic, everyday objects. With this latest series of works, Maurer and his team prove that the ordinary can be transformed into something elegant.

ingo mauer tube light, ingo maurer's TU-BES lights, recycled toothpaste tube lights

The TU-BES Light (front page image also) was made with toothpaste tubes in collaboration with Ron Arad.


Living Vegas Light was inspired by the neon-coated landscape of the world famous gambling paradise.


Domestic wallpaper is revitalized with the use of LEDs in Maurer’s ‘Rose, Rose on the wall,’ a lighting project comprised of 900 custom-made circuit boards.

Ingo Maurer, hanging light fixture, LED lighting, Ingo Maurer LEDs

Thousand and One Lights is a giant circuit board embedded with LEDs to create the illusion of a star-studded night.

Ingo Maurer, Moon over cuba, Cube light fixture

Comprised of stacked cubes made from gold, brass, steel and plastic figurines, the bizarre but beautiful lighting structure Moon over Cuba harbors a strange narrative within its cagey construction.