Being the Dutch design aficionados that we are, we don’t think we’ll ever get tired of playful Dutch design, especially when it’s as sustainable and delightful as Krejci’s ‘Let’s Grow Some Balls!’ chair, which is both a planter and chair all in one. A garden chair that IS the garden, users are brought closer to nature by being surrounded with it.

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The ‘Eco-ball’ chair we saw at the Tuttobene show in Milan was a prototype, but designer Krejci is speaking to various potential partners in the injection moulding industry, aiming to release a variety of different models in different eco-materials, from recycled plastic, biodegradeable plastic and shredded wood that’s held together using natural plastic that biodegrades with heat. Dutch recycled plastic company AKG Polymer is already working with them.

Krejci’s design also tackles another problem associated with conventional design: users simply getting bored with the look and throwing it away. The constantly growing, changing and evolving contents maintain the user’s interest, and as people spend more time and effort tending to their chair-garden, a deeper relationship between user and furniture should blossom.

So what’s next for the chair? It’s going to be exhibited in Amsterdam, where it will be filled with Italian charm herbs and tomato plants, presumably inspired by its Milanese adventure. Krejci are also toying with the idea of growing a roof for the chair by placing two tall sticks in its base and letting climbing plants grow up them. We’d like to see them cook a veggie meal using its contents!

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