The first day of Milan’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile was an exciting affair that showcased some of the the finest names in sustainable design. We were particularly captivated by the soft atmospheric glow cast by Stephan Siepermann‘s Leaft lamps. Each luminescent leaf is composed of recycled (or ‘upcycled’) plastic casts that wind together into a binding branch. The effect is magical, weaving fine lucent lines into a delicate interplay of light and shadow.

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Stephan Siepermann is known for his clever designs that showcase the boundless potential of up-cycled materials. His site states his dream of creating “products which are end-stated, out-cycled of the loops of re-cycling or down-cycling”. The Leaft lamp lives up to this credo with its innovative use of eco-friendly and energy efficient materials. Each lamp is composed of a variable number of LED laden leaves that provide the perfect amount of ambient glow while keeping power draw to a minimum. We love how they bring the outdoors in, converting plain walls into wonderful woodsy tableaux. It’s great to see designers cinching closed the product life-cycle loop with such beautiful results!

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