One of our favorite finds at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair were these beautiful modular felt One Cut stools by Swedish designer Britta Teleman. Each one is composed of a stack of matching pieces of felt that once assembled becomes a set of design-savvy, comfy furniture to sit on. The felt of each stool is cut into different shapes and colors allowing the owner to mix and match each layer, building their personalized stool.

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Featured at the SalonSatellite exhibition during the Milan Furniture Fair, these felt stools allow the owner to mix and match each layer according to their desired height, form, and function. Their design ensure that both the inside cut and the outer frame are used, thus requiring less material, creating less waste, and giving them a variety of uses. The outer shape can be closed off for a flat surface, or hollow pieces can be used to create a nice dip to sit in.

Teleman said she wanted to “create pieces that were interchangeable and could be put together without fastening”, and that felt was “the only possible material to achieve this.” The material comes in two different types of felt – one is made out of wool that is entirely natural while the other is made out of partly recycled synthetic felt, or polyester.

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