The rules of kitchen design have just changed. Whirlpool and Elmar recently debuted the kitchen of the future at the Milan Furniture Fair, and it’s energy efficient, eco-friendly, and interconnected. Their Green Living kitchen brings together contemporary cabinetry, advanced appliances and systems that work together in a culinary-centered symbiotic relationship.

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The concept was originally created by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba for Whirlpool and Elmar to bring together technology and ecology. Elmar strives to create innovative design solutions that are functional, ergonomic and high-quality. They are well known for their work using high temperature treated wood in the kitchen, which makes it water-repellent and more durable. The appliances and technology are supplied by Whirlpool, whose 6th Sense Technology minimizes the use of water, energy and time.

All of these elements combine into an advanced kitchen where wasted water or heat from one appliance is reused in a second. For example, warm refrigerator coils are used to heat water for the dishwasher. Waste water is recycled to water wall of plants and spices. All in all, this integrated kitchen will divert 60% of the water and heat generated from appliances to fuel other appliances. It is expected that this kitchen would save 24% on a homeowner’s energy bill. Not only do we like the look of the kitchen, but we love the savings that it would create.

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+ Ludovica + Roberto Palomba

+ Whirlpool

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Photos by Lea Bogdan