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Even though a wedge may seem like an awkward space to live inside, the Wedge House makes smart use of the shape and the inside is open and airy, not weirdly slanted or cramped. Asymmetric window placement compliments the simple shape of the house. Large windows in unexpected shapes and sizes line the walls of the home and are the perfect portals for sunlight to flow through. There’s also a skylight over the main living area that allows for electricity-free natural lighting during the day.

The design’s exterior walls are made of pre-cut, modular structural insulated panels (SIPs) in order to reduce on-site construction time as well as provide a high degree of effective thermal insulation. The main portion of the home is lined with corrugated Ondura panels and the square garage is clad in corrugated translucent polycarbonate panels. One of the coolest parts of the Wedge House is that there is also a green roofoption that would turn the top of the home into a grassy hill perfect for rolling down.

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Via ArchDaily