LEGO bricks were some of our favorite toys as children – hidden in those brightly-colored blocks was the potential to build practically anything, so long as that something involved a lot of right angles. It’s hard to make slopes and curves, so most LEGO creations come out looking a lot like a box. The square nature of LEGO doesn’t seem to have been a stumbling block forВ Japanese builder Talapz. He recently became an internet sensation (for a second time) by building a miniature LEGO replica ofВ TЕЌdai-ji,В a Buddhist temple complex located in the city of Nara, Japan. But for Talapz, it’s not enough that the mini temple looks remarkably like the real thing – through some type of sorcery we may never understand, he made the LEGO building emerge, pop-up style from a giant book that’s also built of LEGO. Watch the video after the jump to view this mind-blowing feat!

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There’s something amazingly zen about the way Talapz unveils theВ LEGO temple, as though building it was some time of personal meditation. The great thing is, he’s not keeping the secret all to himself. At the end of the video, he explains how he accomplished this amazing illusion, and provides instructions so that other LEGO enthusiasts can duplicate it.В Back in 2009, Talapz got loads of internet fame after making aВ Kinkaku-ji LEGO pop-up. That video has been viewed over 1 million times. For more of Talapz’ creative LEGO structures, check out his YouTube channel.

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