A group of Kansas City teens have transformed a 1967 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia into the world’s first social-media fueled vehicle! With the help of non-profit MindDrive, the teens converted the vintage car into an electric vehicle that gets jolt of power for every tweet, like and social media share. MindDrive created the social-media powered car to engage at-risk youth by giving them the skills to build an electric vehicle.

Since many high school students are social media mavens, MindDrive decided to combine their love of Facebook with renewable energy and auto shop. Using Arduino, the vintage Karman Ghia was linked to a network to monitor its social media buzz. The car runs on “social fuel,” and it will stall out if it doesn’t receive enough Tweets, Hashtags on Instagram, views on Youtube, or likes on Facebook. With every #MINDDRIVE or @minddriveorg mention, the car receives a jolt of energy, encouraging kids to use their social media skills to promote the EV.

The team at MindDrive> plans to bring twenty students on a social-media fueled journey from Kansas City to Washington DC on a week-long drive to to ask legislators to fund life changing hands-on education for at-risk youth. The program not only keeps teens out of trouble, but it gives them the satisfaction of restoring a vintage car and building an electric vehicle.

+ MindDrive

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