British design company Mineheart, indulges Inhabitat’s love of all things tiny with their King Edison XII chandelier.  Designed by Young & Battaglia, the King Edison glitters inside of a protective glass orb pendant. The teenier than tiny Baroque chandelier made its debut at ICFF in New York, and it will be available for mini-mansions in July.

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Crystal chandeliers bring a feeling of decadence, and the King Edison is no different. Although the glass-encased chandelier may be small, it still packs in exquisite glamor, with a delicate hanging golden chain and ten fine gilt arms, each topped with a tiny glowing light. The chandelier lives inside of a glass terrarium shade, protecting its delicate features.

The best part of Mineheart’s chandelier is that it brings a flash of glamor even to the smallest urban spaces, which may otherwise be too tiny for the grandiosity of even a modest chandelier. The mini King Edison is also a model of energy efficiency-and won’t drain your utilities like a large chandelier would.

Like all of Mineheart’s line, the King Edison is meant to be a source of inspiration, expressing a poetic notion or provoking a dialogue- and what better to inspire a story than a perfectly tiny chandelier hanging in your tiny apartment? Rather than being mass produced, the Mineheart line is made is small batches, locally in the United Kingdom by area artisans.

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