Have you ever wanted your own greenhouse? Maybe you’ve thought about growing an exotic plant like a delicate bonsai or a breathtaking orchid. And maybe you’ve learned that having a greenhouse to grow exotic plants in is a lot of work. Until now.

Plantee with tomatoes growing

Meet the Plantee, a plug-and-play greenhouse that makes it easy for you to grow even the most exotic plants at home. Put it on a counter and start growing something inside your home. The gadget will control the light, watering, air temperature, airflow and soil moisture to keep your plant healthy and beautiful. It truly does all of the work. Meanwhile, you can check the display and the step-by-step growing guide to look at the real-time data monitoring to see how your plant is doing.

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Up close look at the tomatoes growing

The Plantee is designed with recyclable anodized aluminum and hardened PMMA glass. All materials used to make Plantee are non-toxic and recyclable. Packaging is also optimized to be small, but durable to create a small carbon footprint. It is made of all paper-based and covered in single-color water-soluble ink.

Settings screen to control water and temperature among other things

Any type of soil, fertilizer and materials you want to use to grow your plants can be put in the Plantee. This mini greenhouse measures 50 by 45 by 60 centimeters (1’8″ x 1’6″ x 2′). Use it to grow anything you want. All you have to do is enter a new plant profile into the system and the greenhouse will help you grow it.

The sensors will detect soil moisture and the internal water pump will water the plant as needed. Meanwhile, the smart intensity technology adjusts the lighting based on what the plant needs. Use the adjustable hose to put the water flow right where you want it. The internal water tank holds enough water to last for weeks. You’ll be notified when it needs a refill. Add an external water tank and your plant will have water for months.

An included hose rains water directly onto the plant

Even the temperature and airflow are regulated and monitored. The Plantee can create a tropical environment, if needed, so you can grow a huge variety of plants that were off-limits before. There’s an internal growing volume of 18 gallons, enough room for many types of plants.

A small pineapple growing in the mini greenhouse

The plant isn’t trapped in there, either. The Plantee is built for easy access, all you have to do is lift the cover. You can grow: dwarf tomatoes, baby carrots, mini pumpkins, chili peppers, strawberries, herbs, succulents and hothouse flowers. When the greenhouse does all the work, it’s easy.

Sunflowers growing in mini greenhouse

Plantee launched on Kickstarter with a set funding goal, which exceeded within hours of its appearance on the funding website. Plantee’s development plans are going full speed ahead. Soon, this mini greenhouse will be ready to live in your house.

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Photography by Charlie Jilek