Edinburgh-based Sofant just unveiled a new micro SmartAntenna at CES 2013 that could potentially double the battery life of today’s smartphones while easing network congestion. The tiny antenna is purported to consume 90 percent less energy that the current technologies while eliminating problems such as dropped calls and poor signal quality.

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Antennae account for 50 percent of a smartphone’s power consumption when the device is on standby – and even more during calls. While the smartphone market is overflowing with new devices with advanced features, it seems that antennae technology has fallen behind and can act as a bottleneck to data transfer.

By improving the rate of data transfer, Sofant’s new technology promises to provide a higher level of connectivity than conventional antennae. The steerable and focused antenna should be able to lock onto the best signal available at any given time. Network congestion and dropped connections are eased by reducing the number of devices with weak signals.

It may take a few years before the technology is widely available for use, but if Sofant’s claims hold true, SmartAntenna could lead to more efficient and better performing smartphones.

Via Engadget