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“Do or do not, there is no try,” Yoda instructs Luke in Star Wars. Larson doesn’t need to worry about trying to add a little extra wonder to an already fantastic idea. Larson’s Minnesota -based workshop, also known as “The Wonder Room,” succeeds in shrinking down entire planets with his collection of terrariums.

In addition to the dinosaur zen gardens and Easter Island moai ruins, Larson also adds Star Wars action figures to his realistic habitats. R2D2 stands inside a 7″ globe among the rocky, gritty terrain on Tatooine on his mission to aid Princess Leah an even smaller Yoda rests in his 5″ mossy home in the Dagobah System and an Ewok proudly stares at you from his 8″ hexagonal housing at the base of hand-carved cliffs. These terrariums do not contain any live plants, so owners will not have to worry about watering while in the midst of an epic movie marathon.

Star Wars fans may also enjoy exploring the rest of The Wonder Room with its dinosaur dioramas, ancient ruins, and Sasquatch habitats. All, of course, in glorious miniature.

+ Tony Larson/The Wonder Room

Via My Modern Met