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Measuring over 215 meters in size, the Herzelya home has adapted to two very important factors: a narrow site and stifling adjacent homes. The design team at Sharon Neuman Architects knew that this long and narrow site would present a lack of light and airflow due to the adjacent home to the west. The solution that they presented was a series of nodes that protrude from the eastern contour in order to bring in light from the north and south. They also created a series of courtyards to the west that form a contemplative zen garden.

The materiality of the home is very minimalist in nature, which compliments the minimally decorated interior.  The home’s concrete walls contribute lots of thermal mass (the southern walls were built extra thick to mitigate the sun’s heat). The exterior’s light color also helps to reflect heat and reduce the home’s energy consumption.

Rainwater is collected and stored and solar water heaters help to further increase the efficiency of the home. All of these sustainable features give the home an increased sense of identity. The team at Sharon Neuman Architects has provided the homeowners with a piece of art that stands proud in its neighborhood.

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