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For a reasonable monthly fee, an individual or a group can rent office space in either of the CoCo offices. Renters enjoy a slew of perks, like a PO box, storage space, access to bike and car rentals, plus free WiFi. The office is great for those that only need an office space a few times a month for meetings and a change of scenery, as well as those in need of a full-time dedicated office space in a creative and dynamic environment. Both offices are centrally located in their respective downtown areas and easily accessible by public transit.

The Minneapolis office sits on the top floor of the Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGEX), which was originally opened in 1881 as a regional cash marketplace to promote fair trade and to prevent trade abuses in wheat, oats and corn. The MGEX now operates out of a more state of the art facility on the 8th floor of the original building, freeing up the historic trading floor for other uses. CoCo grabbed the beautiful space and opened their coworking office at the beginning of July. Out went the historic tables and trading floor equipment and in came a series of open, modern desks and clusters of furniture for meetings, nooks, and cubicles.

Very little actually had to be done in the way of renovations — most of the upgrades consisted of upgrading technology, power supplies and internet capabilities to meet the demands of the new “coworkers”. What’s left is a beautiful daylit space, historical inspiration, shiny wood floors, and all the amenities you would want in an office, sans lease and expensive commitment. Interestingly enough, their St. Paul office is located in a renovated warehouse.

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