The Human Electric Vehicle is athree-wheeled, energy-efficient vehicle that is part car, part motorcycle and part kayak bike. It combines the pedal power of a bicycle with an electric engine and features a tablet computer that gives information on mileage and speed. Minnesota-based designer Lyon Smith and CEO Rich Kronfeld hope to perfect thevehicle and enable it to travel at the speed of up to 100 mph, with a range of between 50 and 75 miles per charge.

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Weighing about 700 pounds, the vehicle is street legal and is considered a motorcycle. Its carbon fiber chassis looks like a kayak, and is reinforced with structural foam, similar to an airplane. The exterior was constructed in collaboration with Winona Boiler and Steel, as well as We-no-nah Canoe and Cytec Engineering, who donated thecarbon fiber.

The vehicle uses a regenerative brake system, which feeds the electricity back into the batteries when the brakes are applied. It also has a solar panel mounted on the roof.

The first prototype was unveiled at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum in March and the team now plans to build a re-designed version and develop the concept further. Their plan is to have the vehicle ready to hit the road by June and find investors who will help the team build a consumer version of this concept vehicle.

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Images via Human Electric Vehicle Facebook page