Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Well, as far as mirrors go, Paul Loebach’s Mirror Mirror – which we spotted at this year’s HauteGREEN show – may very well take the cake. Its intricate design is gorgeous, but even better is its clever and uber-efficient use of wood, which produces two mirror frames in a single cut (one is the removed piece of the other).

Mirror Mirror began as a piece of wood that Paul found in a salvage yard, which he then cut in a pattern with a decorative edge. He separated the two pieces and created a different mirror on each one. The idea for this piece was simple, “By using a single cutting operation to produce multiple objects with zero waste, this product is a playful exploration of how efficient manufacturing processes can provide sustainable solutions.” Paul said.

+ Paul Loebach
+ Inhabitat @ HauteGREEN