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Mischer'Traxler, blooming interactive installation, Ephemerā, Perrier-Jouët, interactive plants, Design Miami, Design Academy of Eindhoven

The Viennese designers find inspiration from vegetables and other plants. Their latest project included two mirrors with Art Nouveau-inspired botanical forms around their perimeter and trailing across their surface. The blooming designs disappear when movement is detected nearby, making the pieces become functional and ready to use.

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However, of the show’s most striking design, Katharina Mischer says, “It’s a table made of oak and on top there are water jet-cut metal elements resting in a laser-cut surface.” She continues, “Each of the elements is connected to a motor hidden beneath the table top. Around the table there are ultrasonic sensors that detect when people get too close and the elements on the table top become flat.”

Designed for Champagne brand Perrier-Jouët, this blooming installation pays homage to those magical moments in nature where you get too close to something — and it suddenly disappears in front of your eyes!

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Photos by mischer’traxler