Viennese design duo Mischer’traxler teamed up with Rozet & Fischmeister jewelers to create a beautiful line of leafy green jewelry that you can grow yourself! The beautiful organic jewelry starts as a lacy framework silver embedded with seeds instead of gems – as the seeds sprout the foliage crawls up the chain like a trellis to fill out the design.

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While working with silver specialists Rozet & Fischmeister, Mischer’traxler realized that jewelry making requires an abundance of training, patience, careful planning and love. The team’s ‘scientific nature of jewelry’ project consists of a growing necklace that has grains instead of gemstones so the user can tenderly cultivate it and grow a plant over time. 

The green necklace was unveiled at Passionswege* during Vienna Design Week a few years ago. For the same exhibition they created a “discoloring necklace” that takes classic craftsmanship to an extreme – they dipped a silver necklace in sulphide liquid to unveil black graphics.

+ Mischer’traxler

Photo © Mischer’traxler