Mission Mars One has filtered through its first round of applicants, selecting roughly 1,000 potential Mars-dwellers to advance to the next level of screening. Over 200,000 people applied to join the theoretical one-way mission to the Red Planet that is scheduled to happen in 2025. The 1,058 Mars colonization hopefuls will endure further screenings and tests over the next two years, which also may be televised in a reality-TV style show.

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The Dutch non profit, run by Bas Landsdorp, claims they plan to establish the first permanent Martian settlement by 2025. The chosen few will undergo eight years of training with plans to reach Mars by 2023 to set up shop. The remaining chosen settlers will arrive two years later. With the first thousand or so chosen, it won’t take long to narrow down the potential colonists based on intelligence, physical health, and their ability to get along with others.

The project has even launched an Indigogo campaign to jumpstart the first step in the development process that will send a private satellite to Mars in 2018 via Lockheed-Martin and SSTL.

Much like a reality TV show submission process, applicants were asked to send in a video tape, application, and essay. Applicants from around the world tried out and 297 accepted into the second round from the Unites States, 282 from Europe, 218 from Asia, 52 from Russian, 62 from India, and the remainder from parts of the Americas. Thus far, 45% of accepted applicants are female. If you didn’t have a chance to apply, never fear, as Landsdorp says he may open up the opportunity for more applicants in the future.

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