For thieves, an unsecured bike light is a terribly tempting (and very low-hanging) fruit. After getting sick of having their gear stolen, a team of MIT engineers formed the Fortified Bicycle Alliance created two indestructible, theft- proof lights. The Aviator and Afterburner are designed for front and rear illumination, and they are guaranteed to remain safe and securely attached to your ride.

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The Aviator and Afterburner are composed of lightweight aluminum and feature a proprietary screw that fasten them to your bike. Fortified Bicycle Alliance promises that they will hold up to the roughest of road and weather conditions, and the company will replace the lights if they are ever broken or stolen.

The Aviator is available in 150 and 300 lumens, and the rear Afterburner comes in either 30 or 60 lumens. Each possesses steady, flashing, and eco modes to conserve energy. The lights are powered by batteries that can be recharged by USB after 40 hours for the Aviator and 200 hours for the Afterburner.

The recently launched a Kickstarter campaign where a minimum donation of $45 will score you a 30 lumen Afterburner, and $65 will buy you a 150 lumen Aviator. The team has already blasted past through their $24,000 goal, and units are expected to ship in April of 2014.