MIT designers Ilan Moyer and Nadya Peek have created a briefcase-sized 3D printer called Popfab that is much more than meets the eye. Like a hi-tech Swiss army knife, the printer is also a CNC milling machine, vinyl cutter, and programmable drawing tool. We’re big fans of3D printing here at Inhabitat for the many ways the technology can transform design and construction – and now this briefcase-sized device will allow creative types to take their work on the road!

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Talking about their creation, Moyer and Peek said: “PopFab is a multi-tool for the 21st century. At its heart is a computer-controlled motion platform and a means of attaching various toolheads. These enable PopFab to make objects from a digital plan in a variety of ways: current capabilities include 3D printing, milling, vinyl cutting, and drawing — with more on the way.” “PopFab has traveled the world as a carry-on item of luggage to Saudi Arabia and Germany, and within the USA to Aspen in Colorado. We hope that this is only the beginning.”

Moyer and Peek show off their creation in the video below which showcases the device’s 3D printing capabilities. Future episodes displaying the printer’s toolheads for vinyl cutting, milling, and drawing are expected to be available in the near future.

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