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Fix imagines the home to be perched on a Cliffside, facing the sun for optimal natural lighting. The retractable screens serve as both form and function; each have their own design as well as opacity. Layers of screens and insulated foam core in the main living areas helps the home to cut back drastically on energy and keep a homeostasis temperature. The movable tracks open and close to adjust privacy levels as well as stark light to filtered or blocked on three sides of the main living area, giving almost 360 degrees of light in some areas.

The base of the home rises in an arching curve, and is situated to face winds, harnessing their energy and funneling toward four bi-directional wind turbines. Aside from the space age look, the façade itself acts as a power siphon, and helps the turbines create up to five times more energy than the turbines alone. Photovoltaic arrays also collect energy, with on-site hydrogen fuel cells for storage. Combined, the Mo Ventus home could produce enough energy to be completely off the grid.

Although no clients have bit on the futuristic design, Fix estimates the luxurious green residence to have a price tag of $3.5 to $10 million, depending on size and location.

+ Mo Ventus

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