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OS recently exhibited their amazing retractable solar power system at the recent PV Expo 2011 in Japan. The GSR 110B delivers 40 watts on the spot with a combined solar and battery backup system. Lightweight and easy to pack, this solar unit is easily deployed in emergency situations as long as the weather permits.

This compact system uses retractable technology that operates much like a rolling blind. Users need only pull out the sheet, comprised of Fuji Electric Systems’ amorphous solar cells, and then stop when the length of the sheet is exposed. 16 watts of the energy provided is produced by the solar cells, while the remaining 24 watts is is derived from a built-in battery. If that’s not enough, it’s possible to double up the output with another system for a total of 80 watts. The system operates from a 12V socket.

OS designed the GSR-110B to power communication equipment in emergency situations such as the escalating situation in Japan. But it is also ideal for leisure situations – though not so affordable at approximately $742. The company’s target market, for now, is overseas areas that have zero or limited grid access.The first batch of GSR-110Bs was shipped early this year. OS expects to send out a total of 10,000 units within the first year. Our friends at DigInfo are careful to point out that these units can only be used if its nice and sunny outside.

Via DigInfo